Allergens testkit - small

Allergens testkit - small

  • €40.00

Allergens testkit, contains 43 ampules.

With the allergens testkit, you can test for the presence of an allergy, intolerance or disorder of one or more of the various substances.
The 6 ampules of the pre-test are available to see if there is a reaction to any of the substances, which often indicates an allergic reaction.
For example, the body releases histamine or there is a caustic or lactose disturbance factor.

The level of one of these substances from the pre-test can then be too high or too low. If this is the case, then try to test if there is a disturbance on one of the 6 pre-test ampules. If this is the case, you go to the relevant allergen group to see which one it is. The numbers behind the histamine ampules indicate the potentials.

These ampules are all homeopathic potentials, the allergy is strongest at D8 and the allergy is weakest at D60.

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