Bacteria testkit

Bacteria testkit

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1 Actinobacter actinomycetemcomitans

part of mouth flora

2 Actinomyces israelii

part of mouth flora

3 Aerobacter aerogenes

part of intestinal flora

4 Aerobacter cum coli

part of intestinal flora

5 Anthracinum


6 Bacillinum

mild TBC type

7 Bacillus cereus

can cause foodpoisoning

8 Bacillus thuringiensis

can cause foodpoisoning

9 Bacterium acidophilus

part of mouth flora, intestinal flora and vaginal flora

10 Bacterium coliescherichia coli

part of intestinal flora

11 Bacterium dysenteriae

shigella dysenteriae

12 Bacterium faecalis alkaligenes

can cause urinary tract infection

13 Bacterium Gaertner

salmonella enteritidis/enteritis infectiosa

14 Bacterium lactis aerogenes

part of intestinal flora

15 Bacterium Morgan

proteus morganii

16 Bacterium proteus

can cause inflammation

17 Bacterium pyocyaneus

can cause inflammation

18 Bacterium subtilis

19 Bacteroides

can be in mouth cavity, intestines, ears en vagina

20 BCG Bacil

Calmette Guerin, weakened tuberkel bacil

21 Borrelia burgdorferi

can cause Lyme-Borreliose

22 Borrelia Antigen

new type of Borrelia Nosode

23 Botulismus

clostridium botulinum

24 Brucella abortus Bang

transfer through contaminated meat of dairy

25 Branhamella catarrhalis

in mucous membranes of the respiratory system

26 Campylobacter

plays a part in inflammation of the duodenum

27 Campylobacter pylori

plays a part in developing ulcus ventriculi

28 Catarraal mixed flora

mix of gut bacteria

29 Chlamydia trachomatis

can cause trachoma

30 Cholera

31 Clostridium cadaveris

caused by garbage

32 Clostridium difficile

caused by contaminated food

33 Clostridium innocuum

mix of 61 types clostridium

34 Clostridium paraputrificum

can be released from a gasfire

35 Clostridium tertiumnet

mix of 61 types clostridium

36 Corynebacterium anaerobius

can cause acne

37 Diphterinuminfectie

disease of throat en airways

38 Enterococcinum

can cause multiple infections

39 Erysipelas suum

with persons, who have frequent contact with animals

40 Erysipel

can cause erysipelas

41 Escherichia verotoxinvormend

can cause enteritis

42 Febris Wolhynica

trench fever

43 Gardnerella vaginalis

can cause vaginitis and urethritus

44 Haemophilus influenza

can cause meningitis and epiglottitis

45 Klebsiella pneumoniae

urinary tract infection

46 Legionella

caused by contaminated water

47 Leptospirose

can cause the Weil’s disease

48 Leptospirosis

transferred by animals

49 Listeriose

transferred by animals

50 Luesinum

syphilis, std

51 Malandrinum

horse disease, can occur in human intestine

52 Malleinum

horse disease, can occur in humans

53 Medhorrinum

gonorrhea, std

54 Meningococcinum

in the mouth flora, can cause meningitis

55 Mycoplasma pneumoniae

can cause pneumonie

56 Nocardia asteroides

57 Ornithose

psittacosis / parrot fever

58 Paracoli

nosode of paratyphus and colibacteria

59 Pasteurellose

transferred by birds / mammals

60 Peptostreptococcus anaerobius

can cause appendicitis and other inflammations

61 Pertussinum

whooping cough

62 Pneumococcinum

complaints of the upper airways

63 Pneumococcinum M

polysaccharide of streptococcus pneumonia

64 Pseudomonas aeruginosa

in superficial wounds

65 Pyrogenium

fever causing substances ,secreted by bacteria

66 Rickettsia

MSblood of MS patient with rickettsia

67 Salmonella Paratyphi


68 Salmonella Typhi

gut disorders

69 Salmonella Typhimurium

enteritis infection

70 Salmonella virchow

71 Sarcina ventriculi

plays a part in developing ulcus duodeni and gastritis

72 Scarlatinum

scarlet fever

73 Staphylococcinum

staphyloccccus epidermidis, skinproblems

74 Staphylococcus

mix of multiple staphylococs

75 Staphylococcus aureus

can cause local infections

76 Staphylostreptococcinum MS

staph. aureus and Strept. pyogenes

77 Streptococcinum

multiple streptococs

78 Streptococcus haemolyticus

can cause inflammation in throat, ears

79 Streptococcus viridans

endocarditis lenta

80 Strong ( shigella flexneri)

can cause epidemia

81 Tetanus

can cause severe muscle cramps

82 Tetanus antotoxin

from human anti-tetanus immuneglobuline vaccin

83 Thermibacterium bifidus

in flora of breast milk, gut, appendix and vagina

84 Tick-born fever

transferred by ticks

85 Tuberculinum


86 Tuberculinum avis

TBC in birds, sometimes in humans

87 Tuberculinum bovinum

TBC in cattle, sometimes in humans

88 Tuberculinum burnett

Lung TBC

89 Tuberculinum Denys

90 Tuberculinum Koch

most frequent TBC

91 Tuberculinum Marmorek

92 Tuberculinum rest

mix of tbc residues

93 Typhinum

94 Ureaplasma urealytica

urethritis, vaginitis, reactive arthritiden

95 Yersinia enterocolitica

transferred by animals

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