Chakra testkit

Chakra testkit

  • €50.00


contains 23 ampules

BLACK miasmatic influences
WHITE  potential or total chakra energy
THUJA    enhances physical imbalances
ROBINA   enhances psychological imbalances
PHOTON ENERGY photon colour frequencies of the cell
CHAKRA MALE chakra colour frequencies of the male
CHAKRA WOMAN chakra colour frequencies of the woman
AURA aura colour frequencies
GOLAN golan or kundalini energy

INFRA RED knee height development / growth
RED root chakra life / survival
ORANGE - RED left / right hip male / female identity
ORANGE sacral chakra sexuality
YELLOW-ORANGE liver-spleen digestion / assimilation
YELLOW plexus solaris power / autonomy
GREEN - YELLOW diaphragm taking space
GREEN heart chakra love
BLUE - GREEN thymus resilience
BLUE throat chakra communication / expression
BLUE - PURPLE third eye chakra knowledge / insight
VIOLET crown chakra wisdom / awareness
VIOLET - RED left / right ear power / authority
ULTRA - VIOLET 20 - 30 cm above the crown spirituality / god awareness



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