Frequency duplicator

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The Frequency Duplicator is well suited to duplicate homeopathic or energetic resources. 

The Frequency Duplicator is a device for enhancing delicate radiations of medications and other substances. You can also copy the vibration of fabrics.
The Frequency Duplicator has a copper plate on which the red cord is plugged in and then this cord is connected to the device with the red input. 
This copper test plate measures the effects of the medications and is led to the entrance via the wire. In the device they are amplified by an amplifier up to 1000 times and then fed to the output.
A black cord is connected to the black output, the other end of which is to be connected to a copper cup. In this copper cup is a hole on the side where the cord fits. The switch on top of the device turns on the Frequency Duplicator. The power consumption is not high, but to prevent the device from staying on after use, a lamp has been applied. This shows that the unit is turned on. This light also provides information about the state of the battery. The battery must be renewed if the light is no longer lit. This can be easily done by screwing the rear with a screwdriver. Then you will see a 9-volt battery with push button.
Carefully remove the battery from the pressure points and insert a new battery. Then screw the cabinet again. The battery life is very long. However, there is no harm in testing the quality of the copied material occasionally. In case of doubt, you can always replace the battery.

When copying medications, the original must be placed on the brass plate. In the copper cup that is connected to the outlet, one can put the target product. Never put the cup on the side of the Entrance gate, because a magnet has been built into the cup which would otherwise discharge the original. On the side of the outlet, the magnet loads the vials right up. For a good charge of the target, a copy time of 5-15 minutes is recommended. Copy time of 3 ml bottle - 5 minutes Copy time of 30 ml bottle - 15 minutes. Once the potentiation is completed, first remove the ampules at the exit (which is thus copied) and then the original. Do not leave anything in the cup when you have switched off the device, otherwise the energy will disappear from the bottle just copied, due to the built-in magnet in the cup.

Material you can charge are saccharin globulins 2mm or granules 4mm,  
Alcohol is also very suitable for potentiating.
Water is less suitable, but can be used in case of emergency. The charge disappears after some time, so it is suitable for immediate treatment, but not after long periods of time.

Salt water will hold the charge for a longer time, but may be uncomfortable to ingest.

Frequency Duplicator comes in a wooden box with a copper plate and a cup with cords.

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