Miasma testkit

Miasma testkit

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With the term Miasma (or hereditary tax) we distinguish 3 types, ie. HEREDITARY MIASMA - ACQUIRED MIASMA - CONSTITUTIONAL MIASMA. In a hereditary miasma or hereditary tax we distinguish 5 major main groups. For these 5 main groups we have included a set of different potentials in the test set, ie MK - XMK - LMK - CMK. The higher the potential, the deeper the origin of the miasmatic influence in the energy system. If the germ, which can determine the miasma, is actually incurred, for example during the fetus's pregnancy period, we use the potentials C200 - C500 - C1000. If there is a fairly recent infection with the germ germ, then the lower potential C30 usually reacts. Therefore, we split the hereditary miasma ampule into the following set of ampules:

Luesinum C30 C200 C500 C1000 MK XMK LMK CMK
Medorrhinum C30 C200 C500 C1000 MK XMK LMK CMK
Psorinum C30 C200 C500 C1000 MK XMK LMK CMK
Tuberculinum C30 C200 C500 C1000 MK XMK LMK CMK
Carcinosinum C30 C200 C500 C1000 MK XMK LMK CMK

Additionally, an extensive ampule array has been added for constitutional factors, influences that have adversely affected the development of the fruit during pregnancy and may cause congenital disturbance. For this we use the constitutional miasma ampule. This ampule is broken down into the ampule series (12 types) with the potentials C200 - C500 - C1000. It is striking that especially a number of intestinal bacteria of the mother who are breastfeeding the baby are important because they can have a relatively large influence on the baby's health complaints and these complaints may extend to adulthood. Below, now the ampules, which together form the ampule of constitutional miasma:       

Bacil Acidum  C200  C500 C1000
Bacterie Coli  C200  C500 C1000
Dysenterie  C200  C500 C1000
Bacterie Faec C200  C500 C1000
Bacterie Proteus  C200  C500 C1000
L. Eczeem C200  C500 C1000
Lupus Erythem C200  C500 C1000
Psoriasis  C200  C500 C1000
Streptococ Faec C200  C500 C1000


The ampule Miasma has been added. This ampule can be broken down by the following ampules: Acellular whooping cough - BCG (TBC) - BMR - DKTP - DTP - Yellow Fever - Hepatitis A - Hepatitis B - HIB - Human Papiloma Virus - Influenzinum - Meningococcinum - Pneumococcinum - Tetanus - Antitoxin - Typhus VAc. - Variolinum (Pox). These ampules each have the potency of 30, 200 and 1000.

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